Aquaheat Can Now Fit Free Boilers !!!

The News Today!

As part of the Green Deal ECO Aquaheat will soon be able to supply and install Glow-worm boilers free of charge in fuel poverty house holds.

Fuel Poverty

  • Current definition of fuel poverty is anyone spending more than 10% of his or her annual income on heating the home.
  • Rising fuel costs are seeing more vulnerable people and families falling into fuel poverty. Since 2004 the average cost has more than doubled and now up to 6.6m people could be in fuel poverty
  • Review of Fuel Poverty published an interim report in October 2011. The Hill Report looks at causes, impact and options for fuel poverty.

What Is ECO

  • ECO places legal obligations on the larger energy suppliers to deliver energy efficiency measures to domestic energy users. It operates alongside the Green Deal which is designed to help people make energy efficiency improvements to buildings by allowing them to pay the costs through their energy bills rather than upfront.
  • ECO is intended to work alongside the Green Deal to provide additional support in the domestic sector, with a particular focus on vulnerable consumer groups and hard-to-treat homes. ECO will run until March 2015.

How to Access ECO Funds

  • Aquaheat will meet & means test the house occupier for qualification.
  • The house must be privately owned (not housing association etc.) and it’s the occupier that has to qualify not the owner.