Benefits of Underfloor Heating

This is a simple solution to the question “But where would I put a radiator in here?. Now you don’t need to, because we can install a fantastic underfloor heating system under the floor for amazing comfort.

Underfloor heating (UFH) is the modern and efficient choice, heating from the floor up, rather than the ceiling down, and it provides more radiant heat than radiators!

The warmth stays down around where the people are, not up at the ceiling or lost to the outdoors because the only place a radiator can be fitted is under the window behind the long curtains.

Why Install Underfloor Heating?

Using low temperature water (35 to 50 degrees centigrade) circulated through tubing embedded in the floor, the floor becomes one large radiant surface, maximising comfort levels.

By using Underfloor heating, you can gain more usable space when compared to traditional radiators, and the system will be quieter too.

This can not only be installed in new kitchen extensions and conservatories, but also old buildings and restoration projects too and our aim is to install the optimum heating system with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

When used with condensing boilers you will get the ultimate efficiency out of your boiler as the boiler is more efficient when running at a lower temperature.

We fit Underfloor heating not just in floor screeds but also under timber floors as well using aluminium heat diffusion plates.

A new system mainly aimed at the refurbishment market can be fitted in panels and come in two types either floating at 15mm or fixed at 13mm. This greatly helps in existing buildings, as the floor height remains virtually the same without the need to break up screeds.

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